Aug 17 – Up at the Crack of Dawn on Cadillac Mountain to Celebrate B-day 41


Sunrise: 5:38AM (Civil Twilight: 5:06AM)

Foo Fighters Theme Song of the Day:  Stranger Things Have Happened

August 17. My 41st birthday. My daughter and I dragged ourselves out of a nice warm tent (and likely woke up half the campers at Seawall Campground, loop D – stranger things have probably happened there!) and drove up and over to Cadillac Mountain. We waited, shivering a bit in the morning chill with baited breath to see the spectacle.  When an intense red orb finally rose through the mist of the distant horizon, I felt the distinct sensation of rolling slowly forward on a massive plate of granite . Which, of course, all of us on the summit were doing, along with the rest of humanity perched atop all kinds of surfaces hard, soft, wet, and dry. Definitely gave me the sense that I’m not alone (Foo song: “you are not alone, dear loneliness”).

Being reminded of this repetition, in which every being on Planet Earth takes a daily Merry Go ‘Round ride around Earth’s axis, felt simultaneously humbling (reminded just how puny we each are) and energizing (the sensation of a crowd and connection between members of a tribe, not unlike the feeling I’d had earlier this summer at the Foo Fighters’ Fenway Park concert in Boston). To share this with my daughter was intensely special – the fourth year in a row she and I have gone to camp in Acadia and revel in its blueberries, lobster, hikes, carriage roads, popovers, and swimming holes. But this was the first year we’d made it to see the sunrise.


[More to come!]


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