Aug 18 – Return to the Precipice


Today’s sunrise: 5:39 AM

Checked it out alone, left Alana in tent back in Seawall campground.

image(1) image(5) image(6) image(7) image(8)

Broke camp like a couple of pros in what has to be one of the quickest ever escapes from Seawall. Considering the looks of envy from our camping neighbors, that felt pretty cool. Then on to popover land. Ate at least a dozen popovers at the Common Good Cafe. Yum. Had some good What’s App chats with Caro, sharing some photos of Mateo and his amigos in Colombia. Then moved on to hike / climb the Precipice Trail and chill (literally!) at Sand Beach.  I love that my daughter’s a badass, and it’s so cool to have this tradition with Alana and return to the same spots together. There’s something really special about a sense of place. Safety and a connection to something bigger than ourselves and seemingly timeless.

image(9) image(10) image(11) image(12) image(13) image(14) image(15) image(16) image(17) image(18) image(19)

Finished up with Bar Harbor. Fantastic drive home with Foo song I’d never heard before that came on the radio (Talus 105.1 FM, never heard of it before but love it!) and got me driving a little faster than I should have. So Foo Song of the Day is DOA. Not so much about having a death wish as it is about the fact that we’re all mortal and therefore have to live life to the fullest every day.  Then, as if I weren’t already driving fast enough, Rage Against the Machine’s Sleep Now in the Fire.

Got home in five hours flat, door to door. Started readying the house for Carito and Mateo to return. Hooray 🙂


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