Aug 23 – Rickrolling Over Intolerance and Going Public

Sunrise/Sunset: 6:00AM, 7:32PM

Today’s Foo Song: Let it Die. Note also that the Foo Fighters were in the news protesting (Rickrolling!) Westboro Baptist Church jackasses

Sunrise photos:


I finally went public with this blog with a post on LinkedIn this evening, it being a Sunday with a little more time to craft such a post. Going fully public like this was just about the only way I could guarantee my own follow through, that this would not just be another one of my ideas that I only half develop and give up on after it loses its sense of novelty (character flaw!).

I started my Sunday morning off with what I hope can become a routine. I am trying to wean myself off caffeine a bit, with a glass of seltzer water and lime. Trying to establish some kind of morning rituals and healthy routine. Not quite into morning yoga and a stretching routine, but at least I’m starting somewhere.

Listened to several Pearl Jam songs from their album, Yield: Given to Fly, Wishlist, Do the Evolution, and In Hiding before cranking up the volume a bit on Let it Die, one of the best Foo screaming songs out there.

Let it Die helped motivate me as I got back on the horse, running, flying along through the Arboretum, a real sanctuary here in the city.

Today’s bad news: Molly, my sister’s golden retriever, died. Brought back tough memories of Doah-dog.

Today’s positive vibes: After my run, I went to JP Licks and City Feed and Supply in JP, feeling free to wander out and about. I later connected with my old amigo Javier around his 1st place finish in a 2.4 mile swim in Colorado (40-49 age group, old geezers that we are …). I also learned about Eric Schwarz, founder of Citizen Schools, and his new venture, College for Social Innovation. Really inspiring, and makes me grateful for the way he helped me get into grad school and where that has led me now.

I spent time today reading the Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, by William Kamkwamba, and Alana read the children’s version to Mateo, too.


Kamwkwamba’s story is truly inspiring. I also spent time playing Indoor soccer with Mateo playing goalie. That boy is ultra athletic, and I don’t just write this because he’s my son. He really is gifted.

I just hope he uses those gifts for good. Whether he end up being like Javier, Eric, William, or even Dave Grohl (hell, I don’t care if he swears like a f**#ing sailor, he’s gifted and willing to fight for what he believes in, as evidenced by his band’s Rickrolling stunt), I just want Mateo to be awesome and extraordinarily considerate, too, without losing his quirky little sense of humor. That’s my boy. What is that saying about apples falling from trees?


PS: Love you forever, Mollyface



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