Oct 24 – Don’t Let the Workout Control You, Megamind

Sunrise / Sunset: 7:08AM / 5:47PM

Foo Song: Gimme Stitches


image (12)image (14)

Woke up with Nina Bo Bina, my squishy little niece. Mateo, acting as he does as a big brother to Nina, got her ready for pickup by Tio Alex and Tia Lauren (Nina’s parents).  Then Mateo and I experienced some local culture shock, picking up Alana at a friend’s new house – a huge spiffy mansion in Cambridge. Wow. Then I was feeling down and jealous, and Alana was asking why she doesn’t get to grow up in a house like that if I grew up in a home on a lake in Florida that was so awesome. I simply don’t know what to say, realizing how my choices may limit the possibilities of my children, though that also seems absurd given all that my kids, especially Alana, have been able to experience – much of it not material at all. Then all of a sudden Carocalled to tell me how happy and positive she felt. That was great and very out of the ordinary. Almost always I’m the one bringing her up from feelings of (sometimes Facebook-fueled) jealousy.

When we got home after our regular Saturday routine of Boston City Singers and some birthday party fun, I decided to attack some things on my never ending to-do list. Including this blog. I honestly never knew how demanding writing daily posts would be. Gives me a ton of respect for columnists and comic strip artists. So I decided to make an Excel sheet / Google spreadsheet to organize the blog and keep up with it:

Blog Post Tracker image

This reminded me of the following advice: “Don’t let the workout control you.” You have to control it. Jim Wilson, one interesting, mildly aloof guy, my college swimming coach (who just announced his retirement), gave me this solid advice. Swimming 8 to 10 miles a day had a way of breaking me down emotionally, giving me the energy reserves of a sloth, especially when he would show us the entire workout on paper in advance (in high school, we often just worked through a mystery workout one set at a time, with no opportunity to get worked up with worry in advance). But Jim’s contention that I couldn’t let my mind get the best of me was great advice. Just stop overthinking things. I guess I need to revisit this advice. Frequently.

Mind over matter, but don’t let the mind matter so much, either. Nevermind…


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