Oct 28 – Soul Cake and Eat it Too, Chin Up

Sunrise / Sunset: 7:13AM, 5:42PM

Foo Song: Exhausted

Sunrise Photo:

image (10)

After a night of poor sleep, hence my choice of Foo Fighters song today, the day ended up being all about Soul Cake. It’s a tradition at Alana’s school to explain the origins of Halloween and related traditions. For fifth graders, it’s a rite of passage and was the subject of an assembly today.

The assembly was super short, adding to a choppy day of getting Caro out the door to the train, shuttling the kiddos to get a flu shot (where Alana comforted Mateo, further earning her nickname of hermama – “sistermommy”), dropping the kids off at school, racing to work for a meeting, then going back to the school for the world’s shortest assembly.

But school assemblies always give me something to reflect on. They mark the time in so many ways. On the exact day when Alana caught up to Caro’s shoe size (at age 10!), we also saw her reach this milestone as a school leader. The assembly also served to usher us all, a little reluctantly, into the latter half of the fall, when leaves disappear and the weather, like today’s soaking rain, is more raw and chilly, and it’s harder to roll out of bed.

My goal moving forward this fall and winter is to try not to hibernate (too much) and to find moments of not only sucking it up but reveling in the bad weather, exposing my face straight into the rain with my chin up, not hiding or cowering. That makes me feel powerful, defiant, and energized. Let’s see if I can stick with this plan!


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