Nov 5 – Skipping Stones Across the Rainy Isles with Towelie

Sunrise / Sunset: 6:22 / 4:34

Foo Song: Bridge Burning

Sunrise pic:


Melon Mustachio

This morning I awoke with ideas for band names. Sometimes it happens. I find my mind is often spinning in wordplay with puns and double meaning. This one’s not gross or funny, just my mind marveling at Isles vs. Aisles. Yep, not genius! This whole post, however, is bound to skip around a bit. That’s just how I feel today. A little scattered.

But across the aisle is also an important theme for me in my life – one that’s about reaching and building bridges (not burning them as my Foo song choice would imply). Last night I watched a brilliant, and horrible, South Park episode about the Man from the Future called “Goobacks.” Guess it’s par for the course with me and my interest in future (Goobacks obey the Terminator rules for time portals, i.e. they’re one-way, not the two-way Back to the Future kind, and not the other kind which is just dumb). Somehow, with their brand of irreverent “piss everyone off” humor, they always seem to hit a nerve, exposing the rifts in ‘Merica and making sure to skewer anyone who takes themselves too seriously or thinks their position is the right one. If we could learn to laugh at ourselves and our beliefs a la South Park, this country would be a better place. As long as Towelie is never president. Though Towelie sure beats Donald Trump.

Given this blog is set up to honor not only the Food Fighters but also Douglas Adams and number 42, it’s worth noting how important a towel is for Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide series. I wonder if there’s any connection there. Probably not.

Speaking of scifi and time travel, here are more flicks to consider:

Today begins a month of intensity at work with a Board meeting, Yven’s and Annette’s visit, and more. And also prepping for Mateo and Nina b-day parties. Woohoo. When it rains it pours. Like in the British isles. Yep, forcing this post to cohere…

Thinking a lot about triggers, some on the context of songs as triggers, like the cat screeching in this Foo Video at the 15-second count that I use to prompt my mind so I can sing it in my head and ramp up to the chorus and power chords to run hard up hills.

Speaking of triggers, I stumbled across this today:–Becoming-Person/dp/0804141231/

And then I found myself exploring a post about goal setting:

marshall goldsmith on goals

If only I could find more ways to trigger myself into sticking with goals …


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