Nov 6 – Rebounding to Work the Boards

Sunrise/Sunset: 6:23 / 4:33

Foo song o’ the day: DOA

Sunrise photos:

image (30) image (31) image (32)

In tenth grade, when the Orlando Magic started as an NBA expansion team franchise (1990-ish), I started to learn a lot more about basketball. Maybe in part because I was one of those kids whose shooting ability didn’t match expectations (you’re tall, you must be great at hoops), I always found the guys who could work the boards the most intriguing. A player for an opposing team, Dennis Rodman, may have turned out to be a tad nuts, but his rebounding ability was uncanny. Working the boards is hard work.

Today, when I think about boards, I tend to think mostly about nonprofit boards, especially EcoLogic’s. Today was day one of our annual in-person board meeting. Last year it was in Honduras, staying together at an ecolodge (The Lodge at Pico Bonito, pretty spectacular place), taking time to raft the Rio Cangrejal and snorkel the Cayos Cochinos (man, I love to dive deep with a snorkel…).

This time around, it was just business, in our new office, with guests from Australia and Mexico. I felt really proud that I’ve been able to attract this outside talent and help for our organization, and that many of my colleagues and contributors to the organization can trace their engagement back to me, their time as interns, and more.

But the day was intense. I always feel so conflicted. Like I’d rather be doing something else. Wondering if, when I’m old, whether I’ll have any time, talent, or treasure to give, and whether I’d want to do it on a Board with (stifling!!) stuff like Roberts Rules of Order. Robert is lame. But necessary. I think.

We ended the evening with a feast at Bill Green’s house. Wow. He’s so dedicated to our mission and team. Definitely humbling. My ride home to JP via taxi with Yven was solid. Lots to talk about and prepare for the coming days, rebounding from past challenges over and over again.


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