Nov 15 – Closing Down the NH Resort and Going Old School

Sunrise/ Sunset:  6:39am in Meredith NH  / 4:22pm in Boston

Foo Song:  Long Road to Ruin

Sunrise pic (no selfie today):

image (41)

It was a rare day for me in that it was tough to wake up, but I got out, got my family some breakfast at the local grocery store, and shook off the lethargy with a 7-mile run into the hills along Lake Winnepesaukee.  Nothing much else too adventurous today. Just fun in a pool and hot tub overloaded with Bromine, then a search for a decent place for breakfast.

Unlike in my youth, where my dad and I made a point of finding the greasiest spoon in town possible (particularly Angel’s Diner in Palatka Diner), my wife and kids held me to a higher standard. We tried a couple of places in sleepy Meredith, but somehow they didn’t pass the literal smell test. We ended up at a hippy (overpriced) little cafe in Meredith called Hakuna (Lion King ringing in our heads). During breakfast, Mateo announced very loudly “I have to poop,” causing the waitress to crack up. After lightening our loads 🙂 and closing down the resort (we were the last guests to check out for the season), we went on a meandering (intestinally inspired?) GPS-less drive around the shores of the lake.

This brings me to one of the major Dave paradoxes. I love technology and don’t mind messing with the latest apps that supposedly make life easier or more efficient, but anytime I run up against something that limits my freedom or ability to just explore, I have a visceral anti-tech reaction. I hate GPS’s, I was a late cell phone adopter, and I’d rather just wander around in a new city than plan ahead using Yelp or Trip Advisor.

Anyway, our drive included some cool overlooks and a drive thru stop at Dunkin Donuts. This family definitely runs on Dunkin. Especially Mateo. But as city folk, drive thrus are still rare. That’s new technology for us.

I’ll leave you with some pics of the invasive wildlife:

12270201_10156264878930646_644405005_n (1) image (38) image (39) image (40)12233009_10156264878790646_1090990006_n 12270032_10156264878075646_290454944_n 12272850_10156264878295646_1430266866_n


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