Dec 26 – Running Wild in Melendez and La Buitrera

Sunrise/ Sunset: 6:09 / 6:04

Foo Song: Iron Rooster (because I can only stand so much salsa!!!)

Sunrise pic:  image (52).jpeg

Awesome morning run with clear view of my favorite place on the planet, Farallones National Park. Can’t keep my eye off those mountains. First time it’s been genuinely safe to go there but no time to hike up there this time around 😦   Ran through Melendez at the far end of my out and back run. Just inspired to check out the old hood. Kept thinking this is the real Colombia for me, warts and all. Ran up a mini mountain on trail that kicked my rear end. Felt great but also bittersweet. Seeing old house in its condition now. Seeing mountain get literally eaten by housing development. Accelerated sprawl. Pretty uncontrolled. Just hurts. Almost as much as it hurt after 70 minutes of running and deciding to stop and walk the rest of the way home. Ouch.

Then we took an awesome little  trip up to old stomping grounds in La Buitrera. Thought a lot about my old dog Doah. Felt good to  be waiting outside the Carulla grocery store with kiddos, just like we used to do and from where we started our hitchhiking trip to San Agustin 18 years ago. Definitely feel rooted here. Like a Yarumo tree. I love Yarumos. My dad would definitely say, “you are a Yarumo face,” if he’d heard of a Yarumo back when I was growing up. (As it is, he stuck with calling us Mugwumps and Gorbachevs while throttling our shoulders and necks in a loving fit of harassment, and I guess that’s why I always mess with my kids about George Stephanopolous and Orville Redenbacher). Some things change a lot. Others not so much. I like that.

Anyway, back to the day’s events. When we got to La Buitrera, we were greeted by the best of Colombian hospitality, but in a different, non traditional way. Full buffet spread of healthy food and omelette. Thankfully, no pan de bonos.

Then we had a home-based “tattoo parlor,” where the kids got their arms painted with a home-mixed extract from the jagua fruit, from the rainforest tree Genipa americana. After the body art, we hacked around with bamboo sticks and hammocks, pet Gorky, an old chocolate lab doing his best to sprawl on the cool tile floor, and played several rounds of Uno while drinking good wine and pure lemonade. Then Mateo and his friend, Zoel, played soccer (with a neighbor’s kid named Sony – or Zony, or Zoni? – apparently named after a DVD player or Walkman …) until they were covered in dirt and about to drop from pure exhaustion.

The best way to explain the day is in pictures. Still need to get me an iPhone to take better pics, but these will do for now:





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