March 6 – Notches & Courageous Texas Talk

Sunrise/ Sunset:  6:11 am/ 5:39pm

Foo Song: St. Cecilia (because it was recorded in Austin)

Pushups: 35

Sunrise Pic:


Backyard futbol monster

Today was a good, Texas-sized day. I started the day off with a great morning run in the Arboretum, with a small side trip to Harvest Co-op to snag ingredients for making a good pancake breakfast. Count this on the “stuff I’m really gonna miss from JP” list.

After chocolate chip, plain, and banana panqueques, I got some work done and house-related organizing and email, then played foursquare (actually three square) with goobers in the “backyard.” Gorgeous sunny 40-degree day that Mateo wanted to treat by wearing shorts and long socks. Goofball. We carried books up to small little free pop up library (another miss from JP list item), then came back and bought supplies, including Stubbs’ BBQ Sauce, for Lindsay’s house.

In morning, Caro said “I’m proud of us,” while I was making pancakes after running. That we finally took the leap. Yep, me too. Yesterday, when going through all those piles and notes, I realized we’d zeroed in on something we’ve wanted for a long time. No doubt we’ll miss a ton from JP (I will for sure), but we’ve been thinking about milder climates and different, active places for a while – San Francisco Bay Area / Santa Cruz, Boulder, Asheville, Greenfield/Brattleboro, Colombia – and we finally nailed it. Austin ain’t gonna be perfect. It’s going to take adjustments. The look and feel isn’t the same as JP. But it’s gonna be awesome.

Hadn’t seen my amiga Lindsay Sobel much except for chance run-ins here and there in JP at Halloween. Turns out she and her family are moving to Austin. And her daughter Zoe is a year ahead of Alana is school and just 6 months apart in age. She works as the ED of this impressive organization:  Her husband has given up a career as a lawyer in Boston to write and perform country / alt music. That’s courage. Wow. Do something that scares you every day. I’ve heard that said. He sure is living that now! Lindsay’s been in Boston since 1998, and Terry since about 2000, even longer than us, but both seem extraordinarily ready for the move.

Their daughter Beebee (spelling?) played with Mateo while Alana and Zoe made some fancy recipe (amazing brownies), while we shot the breeze about Austin and moving from Boston and our mutual interest in Son Volt, Wilco, etc. (at least me and Terry), plus Caro’s excitement about being with a team of teachers and having a trova bar to go see Latin American protest music (without her husband, who  has a strange habit of falling asleep in Silvio Rodriguez concerts)  – plus about a hundred or so amazing restaurants they’ve already been to, Hamilton Pool, the Greenbelt, wow. Really nice time sharing notes. So similar why we want to move, what we like about the place. Lindsay’s quote, “I think it’s going to feel like we’re on vacation every day.” Not sure that’s going to be 100% true, but I like it. That’s the lifestyle versus job attitude that pervades Austin and is pretty different than Boston, in general.

We ended the afternoon with a great performance by Terry of his song Notches, about moving and leaving an old house behind, but about how memories, and the notches that mark children’s height as they grow, are forever embedded in a place, how it’s impossible not to leave a piece of one’s heart behind. Gave me goosebumps.

Texas-sized goosebumps.



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