March 17 – St. Patrick’s Texas Barbecue in Russian Jewish Neighborhood

Sunrise/ Sunset:  6:53 / 6:52

Foo Song: Times Like These

Pushups: oops, I forgot today …

Sunrise Pic:

image (47).jpeg

Today had a a great ending. I got home pretty late on my bike after some spectacular thunderstorms had cleared, and the light was amazing. Here’s a shot captured by my brother-in-law, Alex:


When the setting sun’s light gets wedged in a layer of clouds, there’s less atmospheric scattering, and we get the full brilliance of the sun. It’s pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera or phone handy, and I had to race home. I even saw a rainbow behind Fort Hill (Roxbury). But it was pretty cool for St. Patty’s Day and the luck o’ the Irish, especially after a mentally exhausting day.

My work was intense today. I woke up early to prepare for a performance review / discussion of my role with my boss, and my mind was racing with thoughts about my work, my aspirations, and my critiques of my colleagues and organization. And relationships with colleagues. It’s been a long time – almost 12 years since interning – and so many ideas have been recycled in my mind, sometimes festering, sometimes finding an outlet, but going over old ideas sometimes feels like opening old wounds, often self-inflicted. I’m all for feedback and review, but something about the sessions I have always leave me feeling a little odd. I’m not quite sure why. But it’s best to let it settle in and try to focus on my work in a practical way, not always my strong suit. After nonstop meetings and preparing a presentation for our Board, it was showtime, with a Board meeting in the afternoon.

So when I got home, riding through that brilliant light, I was ready to let loose. Alana, Mateo, Nira, and I went for a run (I walked the dog, the kiddos jogged) up past the field by English High (America’s oldest public high school?) and over to the school’s track, where the kids did a couple of laps and asked for me to put them through the paces with jumping jacks and stuff. Coach Dad! Then we saw an Irish marching band rounding the corner by Doyle’s Pub, and Mateo, fast little runner that he is, raced over to the fence to watch them up close.

We finished up the night with an impulsive decision to go out together to dinner in Brookline (home of a mix of ethnic groups but well known for Russian Jews, especially in the particular neighborhood we visited) at a Texas BBQ place with a Brazilian waiter and a mix of country tunes and Celtic music for the evening’s occasion. So of course I got a margarita, Caro got a corona, and the kids had fun, between coloring and playing tic tac toe and observing the progressively more drunk people at the table next to us.

Topped off the evening by adding a photo to the Facebook nature photo challenge my dad got me into (today was day 3, and I put this pic up, from Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park in Colombia, which I took in August 2014):


Frailejones in the Paramo

Then I started looking for rentals in Austin, finding one that I reallllly like in Rosedale right next to this park, Ramsey Park: We’ll see, but I prioritize location over size and modern features any day:


Last but not least, I finished off the day watching the Daily Show, laughing with Trevor Noah ripping Mitch McConnell for his partisan idiocy surrounding Obama’s nomination to fill the vacancy left by Judge Sacalia, with a mild-mannered judge named Merrick Garland. In this season of political circus acts, we’ll see where this goes. But the Daily Show keeps me sane.

Definitely “times like these” help me learn to live again. And again and again.


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