July 14 – Baldfaced Truths of NC Highlands

Foo Song: The Last Song   “you’ve got to walk to make any ground”  love this freaking song and its message

Sunrise / Sunset  6:29 / 8:47  (sunrise at Baldface Rock in Sapphire, NC, sunset in Highlands, NC)

Started the day with a great morning run at sunrise. 23 minutes up, 13 minutes down. Hauling booty downhill. Love that feeling of speed and the focus it requires to avoid tripping, to pop from one side of the trail to the other. Despite losing Nira and worrying a resident black bear might have snacked on her hindquarters, I found her and kept the run going. After a good full day of work back at the ranch (aka dad’s house in the mountains in Sapphire), we headed to Highlands to catch a musical and good food with some good friends of my dad’s. Good stuff even if Mateo (and admittedly I) couldn’t get into the musical and had to escape to explore Highlands’ active downtown candy store scene after intermission. Sometimes, you just have to take time to find the sweetness.




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