Aug 14 -First Texas Rain, Breakfast Tacos, and Strange Brew

Sunrise / Sunset:  6:57 / 8:14

Foo Song: This is a Call

“Sunrise” pics:


Started the day off with breakfast tacos care of good old Uncle Brett, despite Alana’s protests (she ended up loving them). Rainy day and low pressure system = tired family.


Rallied the troops the head to Hyde Park Grill. After lunch, the Kramer Fountain crew headed back to Dallas, Nira was bummed about Franklin’s departure, and we hunkered down to chill for a while.

While resting in the afternoon, I had a lot of thoughts about missing Boston, what I could have done better when I was there to integrate myself into groups, missing Jamaica Pond and Arboretum, kind of idealizing a past that never was, or only partially was. I had to remind myself that we made money that allowed us to escape a cycle that was dragging us down and that we are in a new place that will require some time for adjustment. But it’s still all good. Just need time. Self doubt, if not taken to an extreme, is a motivator for improvement. At least that’s the way I see it.

Took the kiddos to see our friend Terry at Strange Brew in South Austin. I thought it was really cool for Alana to see him putting himself out there, taking a risk, opening himself up.

Fighting through torrential downpours, we ended the evening with a trip to Alana’s favorite, Lucky Robot sushi, where she proceeded to put her brother to bed on the bench seat. Good ending to the day for sure …



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