Nov 29 – Nira’s First Full Day

Sunrise/Sunset: 6:51 am/ 4:13 pm

Foo Song: Savior Breath from new EP

Sunrise Pic:

image (9) image (10)

I slept 11 hours. When has that happened? Man I needed it. Took out kiddos and doggy to SW Corridor. Then Alana and I went to Whole Foods. Note to self: best time to grocery shop, like a reverse commuter wins on the Mass Pike 🙂

Left at 11:15 or so on 8-mile run in 57 minutes up to REI Boston in the Fenway area and back? Hmm, must’ve been Savior Breath that motivated me. Kids made mega breakfast. I love that. Then the kids and I raked leaves together. Builds character. Then we took doggy to Arboretum. It’s so awesome to have Nira, giving us all something to focus our energy on. Then back home for sunset. Early sunset. Ugh. This part of the year is tough for that reason. Wife never got out of pj’s. Ugh.

Then Facebook trapped me. Political crap around voter id laws. It never ends. Islamaphobia. Racism. Damn. Suddenly didn’t set myself up for such a good night sleep as I spun in circles trying to understand why my family has such different points of view. But I let it suck me down a bad rabbit hole. Bad evening habits are tough to break. However, each day seems to have its ups and downs. I just want to have more days with awesome highs and feel exhausted from physical exertion and mental exploration, as I feel when hitting it hard on a mountain bike or big mountain hike.

As one goal for the coming year, I definitely want to focus more on my bedtime and wakeup routines and rituals to set me up for success. That’s going to be key.

A couple of great posts about morning and bedtime rituals from



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